Home of Amazing Grace

Heaven’s Army – Home of Amazing Grace Women’s Discipleship Program, is a 12 month, residential, character- building program. Home of Amazing Grace opened it’s doors on October 1st 2015.

The purpose of Home of Amazing Grace is to provide a safe place where women who have been victims of human trafficking, drug addiction and domestic violence can finally find freedom. These women have often found themselves caught up in what seems like the never-ending cycle of abuse and self-destruction. Many, if not most of the women who find themselves trapped in these types of situations have been raped and abused since a young age. This makes them a target for predators whose only interest is in using them.

Home of Amazing Grace provides an opportunity for women who have a genuine desire to change their lives a safe place to deal with the issues of the past abuse and trauma that they have experienced. Through counseling, group therapy, life skills classes and community service projects the ladies of Home of Amazing Grace begin to see the restoring power of God’s love begin to work not just in their lives but in the lives of their families as well.

Our goal is to restore these women to a life of dignity, respect, and self-worth through discipleship. If you are familiar with abuse and addiction you know that it tends to affect everyone it comes into contact with, not just the families, but co-workers and the community as a whole is affected. Graduates of this program are better women, wives and mothers, able to be a positive influence not only on their families, but also on the community as a whole.


My name is Shellie Lofin and I am 44 years old. At the age of 14, I turned to a life of self destruction as to numb the pain of a childhood secret. I began using drugs and drinking and lost everything including custody of my son. I later became homeless as my addictions led me to depression and an evil darkness which came from everything I took part in that was not of God. In March of 2017, I entered into Heaven ’ s Army Home of Amazing Grace and began to build a relationship with Lord Jesus Christ. Through God’s grace and mercy, I began to realize God was protecting me the whole time! Since finding Jesus, God began to restore my relationships with my children. My testimony will be a sign and wonder to many in my community and will save lives!

My name is Lacie and before I came to Heaven’s Army I was involved in prostitution. I had a pimp that took everything from me, beat me and locked me in a hotel room for days on end. I was constantly high. One night my pimp had beat me very badly, and I prayed to God “please help me, if your real please help me. I want out of this life. “My baby girl was only a couple of months old, CPS had taken her from me. I was very scared and traumatized. That night God answered my prayers. I had gotten away from my pimp and ran downstairs out of the hotel room and there was a man & a lady downstairs putting up posters for a missing child. He could tell that I was in fear for my life, he took me straight to Heaven’s Army and saved my life! Home of Amazing Grace has changed my life. I am a new person in Christ Jesus!  I have wonderful friends and a church family that keeps me lifted up. God is so good! He has radically transformed my life. I thank God every day for Ms. LaNora & Heaven’s Army for being my rock through my trials and tribulations. They helped show me who God is. I know who I am today and where I’m going. Thank you, Jesus! I have a brand-new life through my Lord & Savior! My God is awesome! He can move mountains! I am so blessed to have these ladies as my new family in Jesus!

My name is Tiffany. I was addicted to crack cocaine for 12 years and in sex trafficking for 9 years. When I came in to the Home of Amazing Grace I had not seen or spoken to my family in 3 years. After finding out that there was a pimp who wanted me dead I called Mrs. LaNora, whom I had met several years earlier and knew that she helped out “working girls”, in fear for my life.  Mrs. LaNora came and rescued me and brought me to Heaven’s Army-Home of Amazing Grace. While in the program, I learned how to talk to God and to lean on Him for everything. My faith has grown so much. I now have hope.  I have gone through a lot of inner healing. I now have a relationship with my children and family.  I graduated the 12 month program on July 14, 2018.  I was recently able to attend the 19th Annual Southern States Victim Assistance Training Conference in Nashville TN. I am also certified by the state of Texas to teach internet safety. Part of what I do now is to go back to the streets to rescue other women.

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