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Heaven’s Army – Home of Amazing Grace Women’s Discipleship Program (HOAG), is a residential Christian character building & Discipleship program for women ages 18-60 years old, they opened their doors October 1, 2015. Our program is 12-18 month commitment. Graduation requires completion of all four phases of the program. Women accepted into Home of Amazing Grace will dedicate the next 12-18 months of their life to establishing a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior through discipleship training, developing a knowledge of God’s Word, and learning to live for God. Living in the Home of Amazing Grace is a new lifestyle for all women; it is a RADICAL CHANGE. Applicants must have a committed desire for change. Here, a safe place for healing has been created that will help women overcome life traumas.

What Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House Is Not.

Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House is NOT a drug/alcohol treatment/rehab program! Even though Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House reaches out to women who have struggled in their past with all types of abuse, all addictions, and hopelessness, it is a Discipleship program.


What Heavens Army IS….

The purpose of Home of Amazing Grace is to provide a safe place where women who have been victims of human trafficking, drug addiction and domestic violence can finally find freedom. These women have often found themselves caught up in what seems like the never-ending cycle of abuse and self-destruction. Many, if not most of the women who find themselves trapped in these types of situations have been raped and abused since a young age. This makes them a target for predators whose only interest is in using them.

Home of Amazing Grace provides an opportunity for women who have a genuine desire to change their lives a safe place to deal with the issues of the past abuse and trauma that they have experienced. Through counseling, group therapy, life skills classes and community service projects the ladies of Home of Amazing Grace begin to see the restoring power of God’s love begin to work not just in their lives but in the lives of their families as well.

Our goal is to restore these women to a life of dignity, respect, and self-worth through discipleship. If you are familiar with abuse and addiction you know that it tends to affect everyone it comes into contact with, not just the families, but co-workers and the community as a whole is affected. Graduates of this program are better women, wives and mothers, able to be a positive influence not only on their families, but also on the community as a whole.


What does Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship Cost?

The intake fee of 50 is non-refundable. If you begin the program as a resident, this fee cannot be returned for any reason. The monthly fee is $450. However, we do not turn any woman away for lack of financial support. We are grateful for our financial sponsors and all those that give in all other areas in order for this ministry to operate. 


What Does Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House Teach?

The Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House provides biblical teaching and focuses its full attention on three life & death relationships that all women must come to terms with:

  • 1st MOST IMPORTANT is a woman’s relationship with GOD!

Heaven’s Army (HOAG) Discipleship House claims and teaches biblical truth of God the Father (Abba)/God the Son (Jesus Christ)/God the Spirit (Holy Spirit). The most important and life-changing relationship that we will ever have as Christian women, is the one we have with God. It is the one that not only determines the quality of life we live here on earth but for eternity. Only after truly understanding and establishing herself in this first and most important relationship will a woman be prepared to manage the…

  • 2nd CRITICAL relationship between a woman and HERSELF!

How a woman sees herself; how she sees/or does not see her “selfishness” in relation to the 1st most important relationship with God is absolutely critical! God says that He has a plan for our lives! We can give up our selfish desires, put our future in the hands of God, and we will be able to accomplish exceeding and abundantly above any of our expectations, (Eph. 3:20) only when a woman is able to firmly grasp and stand on biblical truth in this relationship, is she able to handle and manage the…

  • 3rd ESSENTIAL relationship between a woman and OTHERS!

This relationship embraces family, friends, church, community, etc. It is MOST IMPORTANT and CRITICAL that a rock-solid foundation be built in the 1st and 2nd relationships so that a woman’s true life – the life she was created for – can be seen, felt and experienced by others here!



The Heaven’s Army “Home of Amazing Grace” Women’s Discipleship Program STARTS with each lady, but in the END, it really is much more about God and other people!!!  Along with, showing them how God can and will use them to help other people (family, friends, and strangers) around them. This program is not about getting free FROM something. It’s about finding freedom IN something!!! And that something is a deep, personal, intimate, love relationship with the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit (God the Father, Jesus the Son, and the Spirit as the Great Counselor, Comforter, Healer, and Helper). 



 S– 1st step is Surrender it ALL

 O– 2nd step learning to walk in Obedience/become a woman of Integrity

 S– Final step Service/ Walking with a servant’s heart…helping others


My name is Tiffany. I have been beaten on more than one occasion and left for dead in a ditch and woke up in the hospital. There are so many times I should not have lived. But God!! God had a plan for my life. In July of 2017 I found out that there was a pimp that wanted me dead, in fear for my life I called Mrs. LaNora whom I had met a few years earlier and knew that she helped “working girls” Mrs. LaNora immediately stopped what she was doing, and came and rescued me and brought me to Heaven’s Army-Home of Amazing Grace. At this point I had not seen or spoken to my family in 3 years, they had begun to plan my funeral, not knowing if I was dead or alive.  God has begun the process of restoring my relationship with my children and my parents! While in the program I learned how to talk to God and to lean on Him for everything.  My faith has grown so much.  I now have hope.  I have gone through a lot of inner healing.  I graduated the 12 month program on July 14, 2018.  Part of what I do now is to go back to the streets to rescue other women. I was recently able to attend the 19th Annual Southern States Victim Assistance Training Conference in Nashville TN. Which covered topics including hate crimes, sexual assault, domestic violence, and human trafficking. I am certified by the state of Texas to teach internet safety.

Colossians 1:13

For he has rescued us from the kingdom of darkness and transferred us into the Kingdom of his dear Son,

My story is about how God can take a shattered life and turn it into something beautiful. I want Him to receive all the honor and glory for the amazing work that He has begun in my life.

My step-father began molesting me at the age of 4 ½ then began molesting my sister and telling me it was my fault because I wasn’t good enough. My mother attempted suicide when I was about 6 yrs. old these events along with a childhood spent feeling rejected and unloved led to me to begin drinking at the age of 12 which led to harder drugs and trying to find love through sex. As I got older I got involved in prostitution and began “committing suicide by lifestyle” putting myself in situations and around people that I hoped would just put me out my misery. I failed at everything in life and believed that I was so worthless that even the devil didn’t want me. Now I know that I was so valuable to God that He would not let the devil have me! I entered the Home of Amazing Grace on December 2, 2015, since then I have voted for the first time, gotten my very first driver’s license and divorced my abusive husband of 28 years. God has begun restoring my relationship with my children; I am in my second year of Bible College and continue to work with the women of Home of Amazing Grace. This is only the beginning of an amazing journey that God is taking me on. I can’t wait to see what’s next!


In 2015, I hit rock bottom. My life had become unmanageable. I was homeless for 3 days. Thank God it was only 3 days. I was selfish, broken-hearted, confused, angry, hopeless, and disgusted with the woman I was. I knew I needed drastic change in my life, mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. I battled depression, anxiety, addictions, sexual promiscuity and alcohol. I was full of anger, rage and bitterness. I was physically sick for over a year and a half with uncontrollable shaking and vomiting day and night, along with unbearable pain in my whole body. On November 13, 2015, I entered Home of Amazing Grace and two days later asked Jesus into my heart and life. I repented of the way I had been living and asked for forgiveness. In less than three weeks, Jesus healed my body of from the shaking, vomiting, pain and night terrors. Heaven’s Army Home of Amazing Grace had given me a safe place to heal mentally, physically, emotionally, and most of all spiritually. I dug into God’s word and His love. I came to accept His grace and mercy which helped me to forgive myself and others. I have learned about spiritual warfare and how to use God’s word of truth to recognize the enemy and battle those attacks. Since giving my life completely to the Lord, I now have peace with myself and others. I am now able to maintain a growing relationship with Jesus and healthy relationships with others. I have learned to love more, be humble, unselfish and non-judgmental. I am excited about what God has already done and continues to do in my life and in the lives of my children. My two sons gave their lives to Jesus in 2016. God is restoring and building us as a family that obeys and honors Him. Thank you, God for your faithfulness and never giving up on me, and thank you, LaNora Purvis for obeying God and opening Home of Amazing Grace. I am forever grateful.

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